English 11

WHRO is presently revising this course to meet the current Virginia Standards of Learning and to align with contemporary online learning pedagogies. The previous version of this course is available below to help meet instructional and curricular needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Updated content will be available in the future once our redesign process is complete.

Instructor Information

Course Information

Developmental Module

Module 1: English Essentials

Module 2: The Art of Persuasive Writing

Module 3: The Influence of Faith in Colonial American Literature

Module 4: Drama in American Literature

Module 5: Stretching Limits in the Age of Reason

Module 6: The Power of the Mind in the Romantic Era

Module 7: Realism in the Family

Module 8: Voices of Courage During Modernism

Module 9: Your Voice and the American Dream

Module 10: Conflicting Ideologies

Module 11: Contemporary Voices

Course Culmination