World History II

Module 1: Religions and Empires

Module Overview

Topic 1: The Five World Religions

Topic 2: Major Empires and Trade Routes around 1500 A.D. (C.E.)

Module Summary

Module 2: The Renaissance and the Reformation

Module Overview

Topic 1: The Renaissance

Topic 2: The Protestant Reformation

Topic 3: The Catholic Reformation and Religious Wars

Module Summary

Module 3: European Exploration and Expansion

Module Overview

Topic 1: Motives for European Exploration

Topic 2: The Americas and European Expansion

Topic 3: African Empires and European Expansion

Topic 4: Asian Empires and European Expansion

Module Assessment

Module Reflection

Module Summary

Module 4: Absolutism, the Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment

Module Overview

Topic 1: Absolute Monarchies

Topic 2: The English Civil War and the Glorious Revolution

Topic 3: The Scientific Revolution

Topic 4: The Enlightenment

Module Summary

Module 5: Revolutions and Unity

Module Overview

Module Learning Objectives

Topic 1: The French Revolution

Topic 2: Napoleon and the Congress of Vienna

Topic 3: Latin American Revolutions

Topic 4: Nationalism and Unity

Module Summary

Module 6: Industrial Revolution and its Impact

Module Overview

Topic 1: Resources and Technological Advances

Topic 2: Impacts of the Industrial Revolution

Topic 3: Economics Theories and the Rise of Labor Unions

Module Summary

Module 7: Imperialism

Module Overview

Topic 1: Causes and Forms of Imperialism

Topic 2: Imperialism in Africa

Topic 3: Imperialism in Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands

Module Summary

Module 8: World War I and the Interwar Period

Module Overview

Topic 1: Major Causes and Events of WWI

Topic 2: WWI Outcomes and Global Effects

Topic 3: Russian Revolution

Topic 4: Economic Depression

Topic 5: Rise of Totalitarian Leaders

Module Summary

Module 9: World War II

Module Overview

Topic 1: World War II Causes

Topic 2: Major Events and Leaders of World War II

Topic 3: The Holocaust and Other Genocides

Topic 4: Outcomes of World War II

Module Summary

Module 10: Cold War

Module Overview

Topic 1: The Roots of the Cold War

Topic 2: Containment in Asia

Topic 3: End of the Cold War

Module Summary

Module 11: Independence Movements

Topic 1: Indian Independence

Topic 2: Independence Movements in Africa

Topic 3: End of Mandates in the Middle East

Module 12: Challenges of the Modern World

Module Overview

Topic 1: Economic Development

Topic 2: Migration, Conflicts, and the Impacts of Technology

Topic 3: Global Terrorism

Topic 4: Economic Interdependence

Module Summary